Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pole Dancer

Pole  Dancer a photo essay showing the day to day lives of a group of exotic  dancers from around the world who, have made London and its adult sex  industry their home and workplace. Its a misconception that all the  girls that work in this industry are on the game and are nothing more  than hookers that dance.

Many are professional dancers some, are  even ballerinas who cant get a full time job in their profession or  have come to the end of their professional dance career but still need  that exhilaration they get when they dance in front of an audience.  Whilst, others are putting themselves through college or sending their  kids to private schools with the money they earn.

They are the  ones in control, the ones that have the power and they know it. These  are not usually weak women. They are strong-minded individuals who are  comfortable in their skin which, is more than can be said for a lot of  us.

Reno Car Commercial Banned in ItalyItaly

Cars commercial banned from italy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beautiful Digital Female Art

Beautiful  Digital Female Art - Digital art is defined as an artistic creation produced using digital technology. Traditionally, art was considered to be painting, drawing or sculpture physically produced by the hand of the artist. The traditional definition of art has expanded beyond paintings and drawings to encompass different forms of artistic production that include digital and computer generated designs.

Today we are going to showcase some of the most beautiful  female digital arts. I hope you guys will love it.

John Travolta's house, Extreme Wealth Gone Crazy!

After watching the Academy Awards last night it reminded me of this post I did a little over a month ago. John with this kind of wealth you can give me 200k, hell that would be the same as filling his 707 with jet fuel, chump change to him! I could pay off my mortgage and quit my real job.

Now and then I run across something so outrageous I just have to post it. This is what I call Extreme Wealth Gone Crazy!

"John Travolta's house is the ultimate boys' fantasy home made real. Aside from the parking lots for the brace of jets,there is a garden in the guise of a heliport, further parking for at least 6 cars, a swimming pool with hot tub,a 1.4-mile runway, a gym and stables for the 75 horses down the road."

Explained By Pens

Friday, December 23, 2011

Scary Zombies Illustration By Andre De Freitas

Its really so scary illustration artwork, I should mention here please don’t see if you are not upper eighteen. Because its really so scary and little bit weird, Just think once time, what happened when every hero also become a zombie or if iron man become zombie then how they bite to human in the iron man suit lolllzzzz this is really funny to me and also you, You never think like before and you never seen your super heroes as zombie. This is a illustartio artwork and its done by brilliant illustrator Andre De Freitas, Andre De Freitas os also a good photographer he is bachelor from sail university and he is also good in making animations. Lets have a look on his scary but funny illustration artwork.

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (5) 

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (9)

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (7) 

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (1)

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (2)

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (3)

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (4)

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (6)

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (8)

Andre de Freitas Zombies Artwork (10)

Martini & Rossi 2011

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